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                        Wide Spectrum of Devices
                        • Design and Installation of Fire Pump House
                        • Fire Hydrant Standpost Hose Reels
                        • Hose Box with Hose Pipe and Branch Pipe
                        • Water and Foam Monitors
                        • Foam Chambers
                        • Dry and Wet Risers
                        The Fire Hydrant System offered by Ultra Firetech Systems complies with the highest standards in quality and is widely-appreciated for its efficiency and reliability. The Water Fire Hydrant System is well-renowned and no comparable alternative is available in terms of dependability and performance. Customers are put totally at ease with the easy availability of the Fire Hydrant System and its multiple salient features.
                        Salient Features: Matching Every Requirement
                        • Fights fire with water, globally recognised as the quickest and the most effective fire fighting method
                        • Is used mainly in high-rise buildings, commercial plazas and residential complexes, as well as in inflammable goods industries, chemical plants and oil refineries, where fire cannot be fought externally
                        • Uses the Wet Riser system which carries pressurized water through the entire structure and relies on effective outlets like First Aid Hose Reel and Hydrant Valve on each floor
                        • Integrates procedures and practices which are recognised as statutory requirement for obtaining NOC from the Fire Brigade
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